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The Latest

Algorithmic Art

The graph above represents the number of followers I have in different social media channels. The sections are separated by the main logo color. The higher the number, the faster the rotation of the voronoi segments. As you can see I have a large number of Facebook and LinkedIn followers but my Twitter and Pintrest followers need to be increased. So if you are reading this and have any of the social medial accounts mentioned above, follow me and help increase the rotation within this data driven artwork.

Website Project Checklist

Within my many years of web development experiences, I’ve come across some very interesting scenarios. What saved me within many of my previous projects was the practice of “Planning to Plan”. The following is a guide to help clients and website developers on how to better prepare for website projects. Within each phase of the development process, the client and developer have a detailed understanding of what will take place within the duration of the project. Any of the questions listed can branch off into other inquiries that may be essentials to advising the client in the appropriate action required to move into the next phase of the project.


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